My Sanctuary


What am I currently up to?

- 1 min readCurious to know what my day to day life consists of right now? Well here is high-level list of them all - I tend to update this periodically when things change around


- 1 min readA living document of all the software/hardware I use on a daily basis for curious devs out there

The Final Stride

- 13 min readA recollection of experiences and thoughts + semi Kuala Lumpur guide for tourists

I cooked for the first time!

- 4 min readI really had no clue how to cook. I’ve always wanted to learn but either I didn’t make time for it or I lowkey feared burning up the entire house (insert squiggly pasta emoji here)

Raptors for the win 🏆

- 3 min readWe made it!

The sun reappears after the storm

- 10 min read"It’s not the destination, it’s the journey" — Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s okay not to be okay.

- 4 min readI had everything. I rented out the nicest, spacious studio with a terrace that has an infinity pool and a gym! Everything looked awesome, everything looked set, everything looked comfortable ... or so it seemed…

Leaving home for the summer

- 4 min readI left my friends, my comfort, my family, my home … To embark on a journey to learn more about myself