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Raptors for the win 🏆

Published on - 3 min read

Screenshot of the game: live streaming from my phone | away from Canada

I still cant believe it. This moment is surreal. For those that do not know, I am an avid basketball player and I’ve been playing ball ever since Grade 5, so I never get enough of watching the NBA playoffs. That being said, I haven’t had the opportunity to write about my experience during the last Raptors vs Warriors game, so here is the live version that I’ve written the day after the game.

I woke up early (around 8:40AM MYT) to get ready for work (actually, to get ready to watch the game). I quickly brushed my teeth, put my business attire on, called my Grab and opened up the live stream on my phone to watch while omw to work.

As the game tipped off, my Grab driver started talking to me in Malay which I didn’t understand but I didn’t try to, as I was too excited. Then I went to work and rushed straight to my office.

End of 1st Quarter: Let’s go Raptors!

33–32 : Raptors

  • Lowry with 15 points, 3 assists

I kept streaming the game and a bunch of my coworkers asked what I was so hyped about. I told them it was the NBA and the hype is because this is the first time in history Canada might take the dubs (win).

I kept watching and they kept scoring back and forth, my heart was racing but it was so fun to watch; a competitive finals with nothing but dedication and heart.

End of 2nd Quarter: Raptors in the lead, let’s get it!

60–57 : Raptors

  • Lowry (21), Siakam (13) and Ibaka (10).

Things are getting too intense, had one of my colleagues hop in on the game too, we’re both for Raptors. One downside though, I had a meeting in 30 min but I wanted to watch the game 😰.

End of 3rd Quarter: … Warriors up

88–86 : Warriors

Oh man, that was crazy, I still had faith. Watching a game this intense was so fulfilling. Anyways, I needed to pause the game quickly to get to my meeting.

Honestly, I really could’t miss it, it was too intense. While I was in the meeting room, I sat in the far corner and opened up the laptop display and started watching. It was so crazy, held my breath in because I was too excited.

Final 30 seconds, things are heating up:

  • Raptors in the lead by one (109–108 : Raptors)
  • Siakam jump shot (111–108 : Raptors)
  • Steph curry makes two free throws (111–110 : Raptors)
  • Raptors timeout

You can imagine the intensity watching this game

  • Warriors timeout

Last 8 seconds:

  • Curry misses a 3-point shot
  • Warriors call timeout -> Excessive timeouts called (Technical)
  • Leonard makes 3 free throws (1 tech and 1 foul from Iggy)

WE WON!! I can’t believe it! This was beyond amazing, what a game, what a deserved win!

The rest is history.

#6ixin6 #Raptors

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